TrafoNet has proven itself as a reliable business partner and as an effective supplier of electrical materials with precise mutual agreement and customer-oriented staff attitude. Since 2018, TrafoNet supplies building automation components fot the construction site “New Market Building at Krišjāņa Valdemāra Street 2, Sigulda”, providing detailed technical information on specific automation elements. The experst of this company constructively and quickly can solve all the issues related to the technical specificity of the project. TrafoNet provides a high level of supply of electrical materials to construction sites, taking into account today’s high requirements for documentation required for commissioning construction objects.
Valters Ozols /Chairman of the Board/

SIA "SMC Automation"
Although SMC Automation cooperation with TrafoNet lasts a little over a year, I can assure You that it is very professional, with the aim of developing product groups that have so far been specific. The team of TrafoNet is able to be brave, purposeful, not afraid of challenges, acquiring new market segments and products. I wish to maintain perseverance and the qualities mentioned above, reaching new heights.
Guntis Kārkliņš /Sales manager in the Baltics/

SIA "Pumptechnique"
SIA “Pumptechnique” started its cooperation with SIA “TrafoNet” in 2016. During this period, we are actively working with TrafoNet representatives, who are familiar with the products that the company offers, as well as being able to explain its operations in an understandable way. TrafoNet is different from other companies in the industry with the speed, that we highly appreciate. In the future, we expect more of TrafoNet’s more unique products and, in particular, services. SIA “TrafoNet” has unequivocally assured our company as a reliable business partner.
Andris Zandersons /Chairman of the Board/

GBE S.p.A.
GBE works with SIA TrafoNet for many years. SIA TrafoNet is our official exclusive distributor in Latvia for all our range of products – oil and cast resin transformers and reactors standard and special ones, also for power. All SIA TrafoNet staff are highly professional, have excellent technical knowledge and background based on working experience in one of the biggest multinational electrical companies. Every time it is very easy to cooperate with SIA TrafoNet for each working aspect - technical or commercial one, as we have a special filling even though we live in different countries and have different mentality. SIA TrafoNet main business with GBE SpA is transformers resale. SIA TrafoNet shows maximum reliability and always meets payments deadlines. All this above, characterizes SIA TrafoNet as a good distributor.
Giuliano Sanson /Managing Director/

SIA LATGRAN is working with SIA TrafoNet for 5 years and during this period TrafoNet has proven itself to be a reliable cooperation partner who is able to respond to our requests very promptly if necessary. The communication with the company representatives is excellent, because the employees are competent and precise, and are always able to offer the best technical solution that meets our requirements. The range of products offered by TrafoNet is fully satisfactory to us, and based on the knowledge and experience of the company's representatives, we can be sure that the product we receive will be of high quality.
Jānis Zvirbulis /Power Engineer/

Karme Filtrs SIA
SIA Karme Filtrs has been cooperating with SIA TrafoNet recently, but during this period the company has proved itself as a good and trustable partner. TrafoNet employees are positive towards the customer and are able to provide the right solutions to our requirements, offer alternatives and approach towards the customer is very flexible. Both, the preparation of offers and receiving of goods are of a high standard, everything is done on time. The range of products is comprehensive, and the technical solutions show the competence and knowledge of the company’s employees in this industry.
Vadims Mihailovs /Purchasing Manager/

On October 7, 2019, SKONTO PREFAB SIA started to work with TrafoNet SIA, to purchase various kinds of materials. In this short time, our company has established and formed a close alliance with TrafoNet, making them a reliable business partner. SKONTO PREFAB SIA is very pleased with the speed of offer preparation and delivery, which is very important in the industry in which our company is working. The competence, accuracy and communication of the staff, are of the highest standard, as well as the range of products offered is versatile. If necessary, we can count on that technical solutions will meet our requirements.
Alvis Ivans /Production warehouse manager/

Chocolette Confectionary SIA
Chocolette Confectionary SIA started cooperating with TrafoNet SIA in late 2019. Within a few months, this company has proven to be a reliable business partner, whose employees are competent and knowledgeable, knows the industry and its specifics. Therefore, communication is very easy, because TrafoNet SIA understands the customer by half a word. We are satisfied with the range of products offered and the technical solutions. TrafoNet’s offer preparation and delivery speeds are excellent.
Eduard Mitrofanov /Production Engineer/

Gaujas koks SIA
At the end of 2019, SIA Gaujas koks started cooperation with SIA TrafoNet in the purchase of various electrical materials, and so far, TrafoNet has proven itself as a very reliable partner. For each of our inquiries, the company’s representatives respond with offers, without hesitation, and the orders are delivered on time. The competence, knowledge and accuracy of TrafoNet SIA employees are at a very high level. We are satisfied with both the technical solutions and the range of products offered, and if necessary, the TrafoNet team is always ready to consult on the best solutions for our requests.
Rolands Paģiris /Purchasing manager/

About six months ago, SIA BELAM-RĪGA has started cooperating with TrafoNet SIA, and we can confirm that during this period, TrafoNet, both as a team and as a cooperation partner, has proven itself as a reliable business partner. We are satisfied with both the assortment of goods offered to the company and the mutual communication with the company’s representatives. On each of our requests we receive a quick response, and that is one of the main reasons why we choose to work with TrafoNet SIA. TrafoNet employees demonstrate their competence and knowledge by providing their technical solutions in response to our requests. Taking into account, the above-mentioned aspects, we can say that we will continue to cooperate with SIA TrafoNet.
Vladimirs Vostrecovs /Purveyor/

PHOENIX CONTACT Permanent Establishment in Latvia
Phoenix Contact's cooperation with SIA TrafoNet has been going on for two years, and during this period, we have gained a reliable partner. Communication is very professional, and issues are resolved quickly. The TrafoNet team is not afraid of challenges, the competence and accuracy of the employees is at a very high level. The company is customer-oriented, ready to provide unique technical solutions to meet the need of both – the customer and the partner.
Arnis Čuba /Area sales manager Latvia/

Global Property SIA
Global Property SIA, which represents the Norge House brand, manufactures, and installs high-quality wooden frame houses, has been cooperating with TrafoNet SIA for several years, in purchase of electrical materials to be able to offer its customers the best electrical installation materials and solutions. The competence and speed of TrafoNet SIA employees is a very important tool in our work, so that we can provide our customers with good, fast, and high-quality service. Each of our questions is provided with a solution that meets our requirements. Also, in non-standard questions and situations, TrafoNet SIA representatives are able to consult on possible solutions and taking into account the customer’s wishes, make corresponding offer.
Aivars Mickevičs /Executive director/

INDUCONT SIA has been cooperating with TrafoNet SIA for several years, and during this cooperation, TrafoNet has proven itself as a reliable business partner. This cooperation has proven that the competence of the TrafoNet team is at a high level, always open to communication and the actions taken are with excellent accuracy. TrafoNet has always fulfilled its obligations related with the ordered product and its receipt, as well as offers are prepared in a timely manner. The range of products and technical solutions, offered by the company, are modern and in accordance with the requirements and trends of the industry.
Matīss Ūdris /Project engineer/

NOARK Electric Europe s.r.o.
Noark started its cooperation with SIA TrafoNet in the second half of 2020, but in a short time we have become successful partners. We highly appreciate the professional and knowledgeable team of SIA TrafoNet, their readiness and openness to news and activities. It is always a pleasure to meet with industry professionals and a team that works purposefully and quite ambitiously on behalf of their ideas. Communication with SIA TrafoNet is easy, fast, and pleasant, which makes work easier and moves closer to the result.
Mairis Šakalis /Sales manager in the Baltics/

Since 2020, SIA POLIPAKS has started a successful cooperation with SIA TrafoNet to purchase various electrical materials and pneumatic accessories. Considering the specifics of our company’s work, it is important for us to ensure the continuous operation of our equipment, therefore, the speed, accuracy and punctuality of SIA TrafoNet representatives help us to achieve our goals. The competence of SIA TrafoNet employees is highly valued not only in matters of electrical material options and choices, but also in the ability to find the best solution in both – standard and non-standard situations. We value SIA TrafoNet as a very reliable and loyal partner, and we wish them further development and growth.
Kristaps Vēsmiņš /Supplier manager/

Flow Technologies UAB
Flow Technologies has cooperated with TrafoNet SIA for three years, and during this time company and its representatives have proven themselves as a reliable business partner. Working with TrafoNet is easy and good, due to communication, knowledge, and work ethics. TrafoNet SIA representatives always can match our wishes with the best technical solutions, therefore We would suggest other companies to cooperate with TrafoNet, as they are one of the best in their field.
Linas Grudzinskas /Project manager/

JSC “RĪGAS SILTUMS” started cooperation with LLC “TrafoNet” in 2020. Since it has purchased several electric car charging stations. JSC „RĪGAS SILTUMS” cooperation with SIA “TrafoNet” is characterized by high quality of the services provided by the partner and accuracy of their execution, technical competence, as well as desire and ability to find optimal offers for the customer. The service is provided in accordance with the pre-established deadlines and in full.
A. Cīrulis /Executive director/


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